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Kussmaul Seeds

This is our first ever drone video ever produced! Flying around the yard at our own hobby farm. Logan at Triple L Drone Services was learning to first fly the new Phantom 4 drone and look at the amazing potential that this business. Looking around the farm during the winter time sure does create a sense of understanding how people from Wisconsin sure are crazy to survive the cold beautiful winters we have every year.

Triple L Drone Services Elderon Sno-Angels

Video package

Elderon Snow-Angles

Sitting on the pan of a snowmobile groomer, we were able to capture some interesting background of the Snowmobile club. How they keep such smooth trails, and see what grooming looks like from the sky. As you can notice from these videos, the snow is turned over by the groomer and weighed down by the pan of the drag, causing amazingly smooth and safe trail riding for people in the Elderon area.

Triple L Drone Services
Triple L Drone Servies

Event Package

Fireworks Country
Fireworks Extravaganza 2017

In 2017 Logan had the opportunity to take part in recording Fireworks Country Extravaganza in Wittenberg, WI. Volunteering for the Elderon Snow-Angles we assisted Jerry and the gang at parking cars for the amazing fireworks show they put on every year. This was a fun event and they were really impressed on how the footage turned out. So glad Triple L Drone Services could assist with keeping 2017 in the memories of all who attended.

Event Package

Northcentral Technical Collage

Assisting the students and facility at the NTC we had the opportunity to fly over fields and assist with looking over the crops around the area to create a record of how the Agriculture Center of Excellence creates such a learning experience for all that is involved. Looking at the attached photos you can see how different fields can look from 200' up in the sky. You can notice run offs, and inefficiencies in the field and if there is a problem we notice in the field, that can be seen by the farmer and hopefully issues can avoided to create more yield, and keep weeds/pests at bay.